.: Exploring the sacred world of tea :.

Tea or "chá" in mandarin is an ancient medicinal beverage consisting of water poured over the leaves & buds of the plant Camellia sinensis, a sacred tree and spirit teacher that has inspired the Taoists and Sages for health, longevity and meditation. Tea originated in a region situated on the frontier between Laos, China and Myanmar, known today as Yunnan. To trace its origin, a Chinese legend places the “discovery” of tea in the year 2737 BC. Shen Nong, a legendary emperor and father of Chinese medicine, commanded that all drinking water should be boiled for health reasons. One day, while boiling his water beneath the shade of a tree, a few leaves fell into the pot and turned the water into a delicious mixture. Shen Nong was captivated by the flavor and potential health benefits of the beverage. Tea became an important subject of study, was prescribed by apothecaries for its medicinal properties and used in temple during sessions of meditation. It also became an important political and economical element of trade across Asia. Tea is now cultivated and drink extensively across the world. 
This is a 3 hours immersion into the world and culture of Cha Dao, where you will learn about the cultivation, process, preparation, brewing, serving and health benefits of the sacred plant - while sipping many cups of tea. 
To book a "Cha Dao Immersion & Tea Tasting" for an event, gathering, festival or workshop, please send a detailed message to "jade@waotea.com".
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