Private Guidance

..On a Journey to Reverent Health..

Sometimes in life, we get overwhelmed by all of the "obligations" that are being asked to us. Life can be demanding, and there is time where we get hard on ourselves, exhausted and depleted. Sometimes, we loose sight and balance, influenced by patterns and false ideas of how things "should be". Sometimes, we simply need an heartfelt presence to receive us in our own personal momentary "mess" and see us as we are.

I want to honor you and your personal journey.

I believe that in most cases, pain and health challenges are friendly guides that are simply awaiting to be heard, honored and loved.

Your body is designed to follow the flow of Nature to Heal.

With different holistic practices, rituals and ancient wisdoms, I offer my guidance with the intention to help you regain balance and vitality. The idea is to help you attain a state of empowerment, so you can see and feel how much there is wisdom within you, awaiting to be explore.

To start, we can meet either in person or by video conference, to see if we resonates. To connect with me :

If we decide to work together, I will be happy to tell you more about my contribution system. Monetary contribution or Trade are both possible. 

Many Blessings <3