Join us for a piece of the journey of the tea book tour,

in Paris, at Hoy Hotel, June 10-11-12.

June 10, 3-6pm - Exploration of the Way of Tea 

For this workshop, we will explore the story of tea, its origin, the plant Camellia Sinensis and the people that carried the plant since the dawn of time.

We will explore different types of tea, their process of transformation, from the tree to the cup, and the element wisdom of the plant Camellia Sinensis.

This workshop will be an occasion to learn the story that inspired the creation of the book "Tea, Remembering the Essence of Life" and share many cups of tea together.

The journey for this offering will be 3 hours.

This workshop will be shared in English, with French translation if needed.


June 11, 3-6pm - Atelier d'exploration Sur la Voie du Thé

Pour ce workshop, nous allons nous intéresser à l'histoire du thé, son origine, à la plante Camellia Sinensis et aux parcours des humains qui ont transmis la sagesse de cette plante depuis la nuit des temps.

Nous explorerons différentes variétés de thé, leur processus de transformation de l'arbre à la tasse, la philosophie des Cinq Éléments portée par la plante Camellia Sinensis, ainsi que différents types de rituels autour du thé.

Cet atelier sera l'occasion de découvrir l'histoire qui a inspiré la création du livre "Thé, Renouer avec l'Essence de la Vie" et de partager de nombreuses tasses de thé ensemble.

Ce voyage initiatique durera environ 3 heures.

This workshop will be in French, with English translation if needed.


June 12, 9h30 to 11pm - Ceremonial Tea Meditation

Join us for a tea meditation, an exploration of the Five elements and senses, through the Way of Tea.

For this occasion, we will explore tea through the practice of Gongfu cha, supported by the beautiful voice and healing sounds of Amber Riya.

Through the art and ritual of tea, our senses are becoming a gateway to remembering the Essence of Life. The journey for this offering will be about 90 minutes, with time at the end to connect and share.

This workshop will be shared in English & French.

*Reservation for this ceremony must be made directly with Hoy Hotel. 

Pre-reserve by sending an email to :