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Tea is an ancient medicinal beverage consisting of water poured over the leaves & buds of a sacred plant native of Asia, a spirit teacher that has inspired the Taoists and Sages for health, longevity and meditation. 

Tea Ceremony or Ceremonial Tea Meditation, like all ceremonies, is a time-honored container, an occasion to celebrate yourself, your community and Nature. Rituals are held to recognize the preciousness of life, in a conscious act of reverence, and to give thanks. When tea medicine meets us, we are transported into harmonious presence, our senses are fully awaked and our mind becomes clearer. The leaves wash away our Ego, teaches us patience, and bring us into a state of communion and oneness, with all Elements of Nature, within you and all around you.

Tea meditation is a beautiful and nourishing practice that brings a greater sense of peace and gratitude.

Traditionally, a tea ritual is carried out in silence, in the form of a guided meditation. High vibrational teas will be served, to encourage grounding, balance, expansion and calm. 
Jade had the chance to share the medicine and practice of tea ritual in Switzerland, France, Holland, Italy, Canada, USA, French Polynesia, Hawaii and Mexico.  
Tea can be shared in different environment and for different occasions. If you are interested in integrating a Tea Ceremony (Tea Meditation) in your events, celebrations, workshops, gatherings or retreats, please send a detailed message to "jade@waotea.com".
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