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Ceremonial Tea Meditation, like all ceremonies, is a time-honored container, an occasion to celebrate yourself, the elemental wisdom of Nature and the many cycles of life. Rituals are held to recognize the preciousness of life, in a conscious act of reverence, and to give thanks.
 You are invited to celebrate the uniqueness of the present moment, through a simple tea cup. Tea medicine is facilitating balance and harmonious presence, the mind to clear, the heart to expand, patience, space and a sense of connection and oneness with the elements within you and all around you.
Tea meditation is a beautiful and nourishing practice that brings a greater sense of peace and gratitude.
Traditionally, a Tea Meditation is carried out in silence, in the form of a guided meditation. High vibrational teas will be served, to encourage grounding, balance, expansion and calm. 
Jade is currently located in Northern California (Bay Area) but travel often elsewhere. 
For informations on rates or to book a Private Tea Meditation or Ceremonial Tea Meditation for events, celebrations, workshops, gatherings or retreats, please send a detailed message using the contact form or directly to jade@waotea.com