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Tea or "chá" in mandarin is an ancient medicinal beverage consisting of water poured over the leaves & buds of the plant Camellia sinensis, a sacred tree that has been appreciated in rituals since the dawn of time for its meditative quality.

The practice of tea has been shared for many centuries in China and Japan.

Ceremonial Tea Meditation is a time-honored container shared as an occasion to celebrate stillness and mindful presence, in a conscious act of reverence. The energy of tea is facilitating balance and harmonious presence, the mind to clear, the heart to expand, patience, space and a sense of connection and oneness with the way of nature.

This offering is shared in silence, in the form of a guided meditation. Tea will be shared in a ritual influenced by Chinese and Japanese traditions.

This offering can be shared either online via zoom, or in person, in our tea space located in Taos, New Mexico. 
For informations on rates or to book a Private Tea Meditation or Ceremonial Tea Meditation for events, celebrations, workshops, gatherings or retreats, please send a detailed message using the contact form or directly to jade@waotea.com