.: Embodying the Self :.

This is a fusion of the medicine of Tea & Yoga, merging together to weave a gentle practice of self exploration, from stillness to motion. 40 minutes of tea meditations, followed by 80 minutes of yoga and mindful movements.
Over the past 20+ years, I have learned to cultivate and shaped my relationship with movement. Growing up, I explored movement through the lens of dance schools, from classical ballet, to tap dancing, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary dance. At the beginning of my adult life, I have explored somatic works and different types of yoga. For so long, it felt like my body was mostly trained to deliver and achieve movements, but disconnected from the intention behind the movement itself, the primal intention, the very essence. It was until studying the biodynamic/somatic yoga approach of Vanda Scaravelli and the soothing gentle approach of Yin that came back to the very source of embodiment. 
The style of yoga that I practice and share is a fusion of the principles of biodynamic & yin yoga, somatic works, zen and mindfulness meditation. The attention is made on awakening to the constant dialogue existing between the foundation of the self, the vibrant core, the vital energy, the subtle movements and the roots. With gentle organic movements, the intention is to bring the self back into balance, to attune to your most raw authentic self, your essential self. Biodynamic Yoga & Mindful Movements will help you to cultivate self love and to embody your body on a deeper level. It will give you a sensation of rebirth, immersing you into your very essence and connecting you with all of the elements within you and all around you. 
The practice is designed to help promote and support each individual’s well being and curiosity, working on issues like stress, anxiety, depression, essential alignment, chronic pain, behavioral patterns, breathing difficulty, or any other disturbance or health challenges that may be experienced. It is an organic exploration of the self, emotionally connected, shared with deep respect, compassion and creativity.
Yoga uses techniques such as healing postures (asanas), therapeutic movements, gentle stretches, assistance in mindful body alignment, guided relaxation and meditation, healing visualization and breathing exercices (pranayama).
“Instead of “doing” yoga, perhaps it would be more accurate to say we are “undoing” through yoga. What is our rush? There is nowhere to go, only to realize that we are already there. Our practices are meant not to create more division, separation, competition, and pain, but to undo the impediments that keep us from realizing that we are already One with the universal source.” – Rama Jyoti Vernon