* 2018 *

JULY 28 - 12 to 5 PM - FREE
.: Bolinas Bazaar :.
Bolinas Museum @ 48 Wharf Rd. Bolinas, California 
We will be exposing at Bolinas Bazaar this year.
You are invited to come sit for tea.
Most of our collection will be available for tasting and purchasing.
.: Indigo Yoga & Creativity Retreat :.

How precious it is to have so much space to breath, unfold, dream and create. To sit together and uplift each others dreams and goals. To support and be supported. To be held in a safe space allowing your imagination to expand and fly. To return into softness and loving attention to details. This is what Indigo Yoga and Creativity Retreat is all about. A pure blessing, in collaboration with Erica Jago (author of the books "Art of Attention" and "Angelus"). The retreat will be held in the dreamy Château Fengari, in the beautiful countryside of Bordeaux, France. Together we will share tea meditation every morning, 2 yoga classes daily, creative workshops and artist stations to study the authentic power of our imagination and creativity. On top of everything, we will share the most delicious healthy organic french food, in the dreamiest environment. This retreat is truly a gift for the Self.

We are calling forth a collective of creative and passionate yoga practitioners, artists, changemakers, visionary entrepreneurs and anyone interested in taking full responsibility for causing the change we deeply desire.

*This retreat will be in English and French.

To reserve: jade@waotea.com

Waves of gratitude xo

.: New Moon Ceremonial Tea Meditation and Yoga :.

Erica Jago and I will offer a Ceremonial Tea Meditation paired with a gentle Kundalini and Yin Yoga practice for the occasion of the New Moon. You are invited to come celebrate with us.

Tea is an ancient medicinal beverage that has inspired the Taoists and Sages for its health, longevity and meditative virtues. Engage in the time-honored ritual of Ceremonial Tea Meditation by joining us as we sit down in community, settle quietly in stillness and receive the tea consciously curated and graciously brewed by tea master, Christina Jade. Tea is a plant teacher that moves the energy downward through the system and outward through the energetic gates, to connect us with all of the elements and give thanks.

Before drinking the healing tonic of tea, class will begin with a short introduction on how and where the tea leaves/bud were cultivated and harvested. The effects felt after drinking the tea are calming to your mind and soothing to you heart. Practices will naturally flow into a deep meditative mantra meditation and work with gentle Kundalini Kriyas to unblock energy and stagnation. Longer held Yin postures will end the class to balance the Qi (living energy) and bring a greater sense of peace and gratitude.

*This event will be in English.

Reserve your spot!

AUGUST 13-14
Studio Yogisi, Zürich, Switzerland 
.: Tea Meditation & Yin/Yang Yoga Flow :.
with Isabelle Stüssi 


Die Praxis der zeremoniellen Tee-Meditation ist ein Moment, um innezuhalten, sich auf den gegenwärtigen Moment einzulassen, den Geist zu beruhigen, und in der Gruppe, die Kostbarkeit des Lebens in einem bewussten Akt des Stillsitzens zu erkennen.
Wir werden die Zeremonie mit 1 Stunde Tee-Meditation unter der Leitung von Jade eröffnen. Die Medizin des Tees wird die Energiekanäle des Körpers öffnen, Stagnation lösen, den Geist und das Herz beruhigen und uns insgesamt erden. Nach der Tee-Meditation folgt mit Isabelle ein wunderschöner Yoga-Flow, um die lebendige Energie des Tees zu bewegen, und die Wirkung der Teemedizin zu fördern.
*This event will be in English, with Swiss-German translation by Isabelle.