⫷ 2019 ⫸

◖MAY 30 ◗
Tea offerings
Mill Valley, California
@ 11 Locust Avenue, 6 - 9 pm
◖JUNE 8 ◗
Tea Meditation in La Honde, California
Private Service
◖JULY 22-23-24 ◗
Ceremonial Tea Meditations @ Bretton Woods 75
Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA
◖JULY 27 ◗
Ceremonial Tea Meditation
@ Studio Yogisi6:00 - 6:45pm
You are invited this summer to celebrate the uniqueness of the present moment, through a simple tea cup. Tea medicine is facilitating balance and harmonious presence, the mind to clear, the heart to expand, patience, space and a sense of connection and oneness with the elements within you and all around you. Tea meditation is a beautiful and nourishing practice that brings a greater sense of peace and gratitude. Traditionally, a Tea Meditation is carried out in silence, in the form of a guided meditation. High vibrational teas will be served, to encourage grounding, balance, expansion and calm. 

JULY 28 ◗

Way of Tea + Movement workshop
@ Studio Yogisi10:00am - 12:30pm

Join us for an exploration of the elements of Stillness (Yin) and Movements (Yang), through the practice of tea meditation and yoga. In this workshop, we will explore the origin, medicine and wisdom of the plant Camellia Sinensis, a plant teacher that has inspired the taoists and zen buddhists for thousands of years, honoring its meditative and medicinal properties.

Jade will open the space with a tea meditation, to cultivate stillness and inward grounded presence - followed by a interactive session where she will share about the ritual of tea as a daily spiritual practice, from the ancestral ritual to the modern time practice. Together we will flow through the elements of Nature, the connection between tea and meditation, while getting the chance to taste different types of tea.

Stillness will flow into movement exploration with Isabelle, leading us into a gentle yoga sequence. Moving from grounding to fluency and back, we will be working with different techniques inspired from Katonah Yoga© and other traditions, using props as a way of scaffolding the body. Recalibrate and soothe your whole nervous system.

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JULY 29 - AUGUST 4 ◗
Tea offerings
Paris, France
AUGUST 5-10 ◗
Indigo Yoga & Creativity Retreat 
Collaboration with Erica Jago & Laura Vendescoeur
We are reserving a beautiful schedule for our time at 
Château Fengari, our home for 6 days, 5 nights, AUGUST 5-10.
Tea ceremonies, yoga, meditation, creative workshops, mindful movements, arts, nature wanders, foraging, delicious french cuisine, and much more.

Join us for a private week at Château Fengari, to study the inner workings of the mind. Dream up and play out your wildest dreams on the mat, in meditation and visually through art. 

We are calling forth a collective of 18 women,
creative and passionate yoga practitioners, healers, coaches,
artists, change makers, visionary entrepreneurs and anyone interested
in taking full responsibility for causing the change we deeply desire. 
Contact me to reserve your spot,