Tea or "chá" in mandarin is an ancient medicinal beverage consisting of water poured over the leaves & buds of the plant Camellia sinensis, a sacred tree and plant teacher that has inspired the Taoists, since the dawn of time, for health, longevity and meditation. The plant Camellia Sinensis was discovered in a region situated on the frontier between Laos, China and Myanmar, known today as Yunnan. To trace its origin, Chinese are placing the “discovery” of tea from a 4000 years old legend. From this discovery, Tea became an important subject of study, was prescribed by apothecaries for its medicinal properties and used in temples during sessions of meditation. Tea also became an important political and economical element of trade across Asia. 

Throughout history, Tea was shared in many ways, and many forms. 


It is an honor and privilege for Jade to be facilitating this course The Way of Tea, and share her 11 years journey studying, exploring and practicing with the plant Camellia Sinensis, and following her way. This course is an occasion to explore the history of Chadao (the way of tea) and the original carriers of this practice, the story of Camellia Sinensis, the evolution of the practice, the ecology of the plant, ethical and sustainable tea farming, the different types of rituals and serving, the elemental wisdom of tea, the connection between tea and daoism, the connection between tea and zen, the practice of gongfu cha, the practice of senchado, how to cultivate a self practice, how to host a ceremonial tea meditation, many tea stories and guided meditations.

The Way of Tea course journey is divided in 6 chapters :
1. The story of Tea : Origin, history and evolution of the practice
2. Camellia Sinensis : tea varieties, process and ecology,
from the tea tree to the cup
3. Elemental wisdom of tea and nature
4. Chinese way : Gongfu cha & Taoism
5. Japanese way : Wabi Cha, Senchado & Zen
6. Tea Meditation : Remembering the flow and creating your practice
Options of formats for the course :
- Virtual - Way of Tea course : Privately shared Live, via Zoom. Upon registration, you will be receiving a tea package for the course, containing 6 different teas that we will be exploring during our sessions. We typically meet 1 or 2 times per week, or depending on your availability. This format is a dedicated offering shared privately and live with me. Each chapter is a dedication of about 90 minutes.
- In Person - Way of Tea course :  I am currently located in Taos, New Mexico, for sessions in person. Chapters shared in person are a dedication of 2 hours, and will be including a time for meditation, sharing and exploring different teas. 
- Way of Tea course - Online Platform : An online platform offering all the chapters and content of the course in a pre-recorded format, to allow you to follow the journey at your own pace. There will be the option of adding the tea course package when registering, containing many teas to explore during the journey of the course.  This new format will be available starting in September.


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