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A Summer Solstice Online Retreat
to Cultivate Our Inner and Collaborative Fire
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Tea & Qi Gong workshop
On Saturday April 18th at 9am PDT, Jade and Sherab Jin will be facilitating a donation-based virtual group workshop to share about the connection existing between the practices of tea and qigong. Jade will be opening the workshop sharing a tea meditation, followed by an introduction to the practice of Gongfu cha. Sherab Jin will be following, sharing an introduction class to Minglun Baduanjin Qigong, a lineage of Qigong that was passed down by the Tai Chi Great Grandmaster Wang Zihe to his teacher, master Zhan in Taiwan. There will be time at the end to connect and share together. The workshop should be about 2 hours, from 9am PDT until 11am PDT.
You can register to this workshop here
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Wind of change : An elemental workshop
On Saturday March 28th at 11am MT, Jade (WAOTEA) and Claire (Vidyaliving) will be facilitating an online group workshop to help you navigate the current flow of this powerful time of transition, with the support of ancient wisdom, tea meditation, TCM, Ayurveda and the way of Nature. In this online workshop, we will be exploring the elemental wisdom of Wood, Wind and Metal, and how to honor their way through embodied ritual and meditation. This online workshop will be donation-based and accessible through Zoom. 
* Registration for this workshop is now close. *