A collection of consciously curated tea, tea ware & rituals items — tended to, harvested and hand crafted, following the way of Nature. 

In 2010, I (Jade) moved to Asia with a backpack to study tea 茶 and healings arts. I was introduced to gong fu cha, cha yi, and Chinese tea culture in 2011, through a dear friend, in his hometown, Penang, Malaysia. My exploration of cha dao continued during my time visiting and living in South West China, Northern Thailand, and Southern Japan. I was introduced to Japanese tea culture on Kyushu island, Japan - where I have learned senchado.

Since the creation of WAOTEA in 2017, my intention is to share the beautiful selection of teas that I have discovered along the journey.

These teas are sourced directly from dedicated farmers and friends — in China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

This little shop has recently expended, to include vessels and items, crafted by the hands of conscious artists & makers that I wish to support. These items are shared to support your meditation practice and daily rituals.

From the heart of this community, we wish you a nourishing practice.