« WAO » stands for « We Are One »
Jade is a certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Holistic Bodyworker and Health Coach. She has started the project of WAOTEA in 2016, inspired to share about what has been the most significant healing experience of her life. Since 2010, she has been traveling the world to explore the wisdom and medicine of the plant Camellia sinensis, a sacred tree and spirit teacher that has inspired the Taoists and Sages for health, longevity and meditation. She founded WAOTEA with the intention to shed light on the fundamental principal of Oneness, and the interconnection of everything. To help anyone feeling disconnected, disempowered and overwhelmed, to find peace, grace and a sense of empowering wholeness, in the daily practice of tea ritual.
At the core of each of us, there exists a silent pulse, an essential rythmn, a unique heartbeat, pulsating symbiotically with the heart of the earth. There is something empowering in the act of reawakening to our body's own wisdom. Tea is wisdom in a cup, and a gift from Nature. Behind the leaves, the intention of WAOTEA is to awaken and empower personal growth, encourage the evolution of planetary consciousness and environmental healing. We believe that most of our challenges in life comes from a sensation of disconnection. By drinking tea, we are being reminded that we are one with Nature, and all of the elements before us, within us and beyond us. One pure living presence. Sitting for tea is a simple daily act that invites the sacred back into the secular, an invitation to celebrate the preciousness of the present moment.
During her extensive travels to China, Malaysia and Japan, Jade had the chance to study the ritual and medicine of tea from many different perspectives. She explored the world of tea through the lens of the people that grow & harvest the tea plant, the ones that Master the ritual of serving and offering tea ceremony, those who drink tea everyday, those who teach about tea and those who are simply students of the tea leaves. 
Jade consciously select and curate her tea leaves directly from ancient tea gardens, in the most remote and sacred tea plantations, where only the tea trees of the highest vibration grow. Her tea leaves are cultivated and harvested in a traditional sustainable way, with love and respect for nature, the land where it grows and all of the people involved in the process.
Waves of Gratitude for support and encouraging us!
"May this tea help you to recognize the preciousness of life, in a conscious act of reverence, and gratitude."