« Words cannot express the immense amount of gratitude that I have for Jade and WAO Tea. Since starting this practice, I have finally found a way of connecting with tea that I have been longing for. Jade's gentle energy, open heart, and reverence for this healing art make it accessible to anyone looking to feel more in tune with oneself and establish a connection to nature and her deep feminine qualities. The Way Of Tea course has opened me up to a daily practice and a new way of sitting with a plant that I already hold so dear. It has also opened up new possibilities and opportunities for me to share this practice, and enter into a holy space with others. It has a delicate way of allowing me to find and share my authentic voice and vulnerabilities. It has also opened my heart to hearing and feeling others share theirs as well. I completed the six session course virtually, which was so amazing and powerful that I just had to experience an in person session with Jade. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to Taos and sit with her in her space, and in nature.  It was an experience I will never forget and will I cherish for a lifetime. I highly recommend that if you get the call to experience this beautiful plant medicine, you do not miss the opportunity to sit with Jade and take her Way of Tea Course.  »
- Mara Anthony, Sound Healer, USA
« Jade is one in a million. When I started my journey with tea I was recommended to her for her knowledge and abilities.  What I found with her was so much more.  She lives the lessons of tea herself and is humble in her teachings and offerings, always pointing the students back to the truth of the tea rather than the image or projection of it.  She is gracious in her sharing of all of her years of knowledge of tea, its origins, the practices in ceremony and the importance of sustainability with our tea practices.  She is loving and kind and practices her offerings on a daily basis reassuring you that she is a living, breathing example of her work.  I highly recommend Jade first for who she is  as a human being and what she will inspire in you through her offerings and second for her immense knowledge of tea and its many benefits. Doing work with Jade has deeply shifted my life and my work in the world and I hope you will give yourself the gift of working with her.  »
- Amy Day, Life Coach, USA

« I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have shared precious time with this kind, angelic, inspiring soul. Jade created a calm, sacred space within the Zoom video platform. Each offering was rooted with her patience and grace. She sincerely honored the connection between teacher-hostess and student guest with her poetic sharing of the Dao of tea. Each offering, Jade shared her precious wisdom of the leaves and its connection with the elements of nature. She provided a variety of delicious Wao Teas for the course. Jade’s slow, calming voice, gentle Buddha smile and presence provided space to be fully present, pause and to appreciate the nuances of the cup of tea she was introducing, aroma, flavors, vibrational quality. I was able to immerse myself into the NOW as we sat in stillness. Her ability to be truly present, assisted my thoughts to go by like a flowing river and join her in stillness. What a life changing experience to be in the presence of such devotion to this practice, cultivation of patience, respect and honoring of nature. Jade truly recognized my “being” and that recognition held the space for me to feel the oneness of life. The course is a blessing, and a privilege. Forever grateful. »

- Brenda Katz, Montreal, Canada

« Jade is the true embodiment of Tea Spirit and Tea teachings. I could not be more honored and grateful to have had Jade and Wao Tea to help open up this beautiful practice of Cha Dao for me. If you’re interested or curious at all about incorporating Tea into your life I would highly recommend Jade and her soft, gentle, accessible energy and approach. I felt so safe and seen the entire length of the program and still do. Infinite blessings for this path, the journey, and the lovely connections that Tea has already been bringing into my life. »
- Emily Doyle, Herbalist, founder of Isle Rose, Canada

« Having just completed the 1:1 Tea Course with Jade, I write this testimonial with my heart bursting with gratitude. After reaching out to Jade and stating my interest, I was enrolled in the course and had received my package of sample tea within a week. The first four chapters we did via Zoom and the last two were in person. I traveled from Boston to Northern California as a beautiful getaway which was only made more enchanted by getting to meet Jade in person.  She is radiant and glowing, and teaches from such a calm, wise, and compassionate place. Jade was flexible with her schedule and we were able to have one in person chapter in her tea room and the other by the sea. Before this course I had a simple daily tea practice with no tea ware. I was completely overwhelmed and Jade helped me select the perfect pot + cups based around my needs. She even had tea carrying bags made to the color I requested! I felt completely supported in this exploration and am grateful to Jade who went above and beyond in every sense. I now posses knowledge of the history of the leaf, types and different preparations, ceremonial foundations, and outdoor/on-location tea serving. I appreciate how Jade weaves in modern practicality with ancient wisdom, how she intertwines minimalism and spirituality. If you are looking for a course certificate to give you validation, this is not the course for you. If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the leaf from a different perspective, to have a meditative emersion—this is the course for you! »

- Alana, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master, USA

« The Way of Tea course was the best thing I have done for myself in my healing and spiritual path. I cannot express more gratitude for Jade. Her offering and knowledge of camellia sinensis was so inspiring, and I feel so blessed to have her as my tea teacher. Jade held the most sacred space, and each session was filled with wisdom, connection, and empowerment. This course deepened my connection with nature and the elements, bringing my awareness and conscious state to a new level of expansion. Tea has become my everyday ceremony, and I cannot wait to start offering this magic to others. I give all my thanks to Jade for guiding me on this journey! »

- Meghan Tracey, USA

« La voie du thé m’a ouvert la voie de la Présence. Celle qui ne s’explique pas par des mots, mais qui se vit par un état d’Être. Le thé est devenu un prétexte pour connecter encore plus à la nature et à mon flow intérieur. J’ai ressenti la grâce et la conscience dans chaque tasse que j’ai partagé avec toi, belle Jade. Merci pour tes enseignements que tu incarnes à merveille. Chaque cours était un cadeau, un moment précieux à se rappeler pour toujours. Je me sens tellement privilégiée d’avoir accédé à ta grande sagesse. Merci de m’avoir enseigné la voie de la nature. With all my love and gratitude »

- Cynthia, Yoga et Féminin sacré, Canada

" Jade is an eloquent and passionate teacher with so much wisdom + grace in the art of tea and ceremony. Our tea sessions were a true gift --- they brought such beauty and presence to my day as we sat together in the teachings. Learning from Jade is a pleasure, she uses deep knowledge and insight to share tea with great encouragement and inspiration to experience tea to the fullest. My relationship with tea has begun to blossom and grow in ways I never knew possible and for that, I am forever grateful. "

- Nicole Lindstrom, program director & yoga teacher for Lead With Love, USA

« I am so happy and so grateful for the tea journey I made during the Way of Tea Course and Jade being my guide on this journey. I felt this inner call to deepen my tea practice and now I am so happy to have followed this inner voice. What I learned from Jade was not only so much knowledge about the plant but also how to listen to the plant, to feel it and to receive the wisdom of  Camellia Sinesis. When I sit in the morning with my tea now, I know how to connect to the plant. I am so grateful to Jade for being my teacher. The sessions and meditiations with her were so beautiful and so deep. She speeks with beauty from her heart.You can feel that she lives what she teaches. She is so radiant and inspiring and I am so grateful that she offers to share her wisdom. She opened up a new world for me. Thank you, Jade. »

Andrijana Kojic, Germany

« I asked the universe for a tea sister, and Jade appeared! From the moment I had the blessing of experiencing a 1 on 1 ceremony with her, to almost immediately knowing I was meant to learn the art of tea through her, it all flowed with such ease and grace. Her knowledge is as extensive as that of an ancient tea master, and her way of sharing is lovingly unattached yet anchored in profound strength. Her love for the medicine of tea is so palpable, it’s infused into every sip as she holds the container of sharing one of the most ancient ceremonies in the modern age. I’m so grateful I was able to learn this sacred practice through Jade’s wise heart. I know that as I continue to grow through the practice of this medicine, I have her to turn to as my tea sister, teacher, and friend. The gratitude for being able to share my first sip with her, continues its sacred flow into every ceremony I am blessed to share on with other receiving hearts. » 

- Leyla Salvadé, Founder of Standing Light, Switzerland

« During the tea online sessions with Jade, I have experienced and learned to pour to myself and others a cup of reliance and reverence to nature. Her generosity, kindness, grace and knowledges moved me. I feel that I have met a teacher, a master, a friend and a big part of myself while studying with Jade.
I am deeply grateful for it.  » 
- Natacha Pincemaille-Neveu, Author & Yoga teacher, France
« Jade's course transformed my experience of sitting with tea. Her knowledge is vast, and her teaching emanates from the heart. To be able to learn about the origins, philosophies and practices surrounding tea through the act of sitting is  a gift. The six chapters are beyond a course: They provide a container for being. »
- Leigh, Yoga Instructor and Herbalist, USA

«  I have to say that even if I took my entire course Online from Zoom I could feel the love & respect Jade has for tea and for her students. I will never forget the taste of my first sip. And I will never forget how I felt. Thank you for introducing me to an essential part of my daily practice. Thank you for reminding me the importance to be fully present. I can’t wait to share your knowledge with my clients, my friends, and my family. I’ve been offering your tea after every practice at the studio and my clients are crazy for your tea. Vesta was a bestseller last winter. I can’t wait to receive the new teas and especially share my love affair with Tea Ceremony. Merci mille fois pour tout.  »

- Annie Lemay, founder of Atelier Balance, an holistic sanctuary located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

« The Way of Tea course with Jade, was not only a portal for deeper self transformation  but also a re-encounter with a sacred practice that I had paused for more than 8 years.  The classes, meditations, mastery and guidance received were truly harmonious, heart expanding and humbling for my mind. Each teaching a precious life lesson. Each lesson flavored with the Divine.  I will continue to honor the path and sacred teachings and blessings that The Way of  tea brings  to our world, and will continue to share its precious gifts with my students, in my business, with my family, friends and with my own soul. »

- Ivonne Delaflor. Author, Rebirther, Futurist, Philanthropist. President of Delaflor Teachings International

« The way of tea was an inspirational, transformative experience that has lead me to a new mindfulness tool and perspective. Jade is a comforting and compassionate guide, rich in knowledge & wisdom. Each session felt like a gift, both the information & the tea itself brought me new insights. I can’t wait to continue to learn from & grow with this practice & plant medicine. »

Sami Bloom, Nutritionist BHSc, Australia

« Jade ~ thank you for sharing 6 wonderful mornings sharing your tea wisdom so intimately with me.  Your generosity in both knowledge & spirit carried me though one of life's greatest hurdles & for that I am forever grateful.  My kitty Poppy joined every session (on her own terms) which highlighted the intuitiveness & connection between plant & animal.  Thank you for your grounding & kind teachings which will carry me through my tea journey. Love & blessings. »  

- Tray Schlarb, USA


« Before my tea course I knew very little about tea or tea ceremony, but I knew I loved the earth. The Way of Tea course has been a journey into a deeper connection with myself, the earth, and the elements and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Jade.  Jade’s teaching is vast and tender, and each of our sessions felt like a gift.  Her deep meditations and are truly inspiring and will stay with me as I continue to move deeper into my own exploration of tea and tea ceremony. »

- Amanda Hunt, Artist & jewelry maker, USA


« I was a little apprehensive to take an online tea course because I felt it may lack the personal connection & detail I was hoping to experience. I am glad I tried anyway, because this way of tea course has been an absolute treat and incredibly helpful for me to not only learn more about tea, but to feel more confident in leading a tea experience myself. Jade is extremely knowledgeable and kind - always patient with my questions and offered me way more information than I even expected. She has designed this course for all - stepping stones of content built to lay a solid foundation of history, different types, colors, processes, traditional ceremonies, tea ware and how to take all that information to create your own experience. She also highlights the connection of tea to the elements in nature and I am already awaiting her tea book for more of this knowledge. There was no lack of connection, either. I felt I got to know Jade through these sessions and I’m grateful to now call her a friend. Not only is her content rich in information, but WAO tea is also rich in quality & natural sourcing. I appreciate the attention to how we impact the world at large & how she chooses to run her business ethically and sustainably. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about tea. Whether you plan to lead a ceremony yourself or not, there is a lot of wealthy knowledge to attain with a kind heart to guide you. »

- Kaycie Hall, founder of Elevate Community Yoga, USA

« I wanted to deepen my knowledge and practice with tea, yet was never really sure how or where to start. Jades course appeared in the perfect moment, and was exactly what I wanted and more. Even via video chat, the space she holds is beautiful, her knowledge and wisdom is profound, and the tea we shared each session just got better and better. I’d highly recommend Jade to anybody interested in deepening their knowledge and / or their practice. What a blessing.  »
- Nic Warner, Coach, Berlin, Germany

« Jade's Way of Tea course was truly one of the sweetest offerings I have received. The beauty and simplicity of tea meditation and it's potent teachings left me in awe each time. I left every session feeling more connected to my peaceful home within and the abundant earth around me. Jade has distilled so much knowledge, practice and heart into each piece of the course so that every chapter offers you a felt experience of these sacred rituals and a deeper understanding of tea history & ceremony. I had been wanting to dive into tea practice and the moment I saw Jade post something I reached out to her sensing that she would be a luminous guide to learn from and after it all I can say that I am so grateful to have had this sweet kind soul as my TEAcher ;) thank you so so much »

- Ally Subrahmanyam, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, USA

« What a wonderful course. I did not want it to end. I searched for teachers online for some time (tea masters are saturated with men) and then I suddenly came across Jade. So knowledgeable and exactly what I was looking for. Jade weaves in the history, wisdom and spirit of the tea leaf so perfectly. I’ll be back around soon Jade. Thank you for this precious time. »

- Tai, founder of Avivage Massage, USA


« The Way of Tea course with Jade is immensely rewarding and worth every penny. I did it with a small group over Zoom and despite a range of experiences with tea (from none to a regular practice) and differences in interests (some of us were more process-oriented - interested in history and ecology - and some of us were more drawn to the ritual and esoteric aspects), we all learned so much. I am so grateful to Jade for sharing her deep knowledge of this beautiful plant with our group and for holding the space with such love and care. »

- Zoe Evans, Yoga teacher, USA

« Jade offers genuine warmth and presence in her offering; Guiding us to connect to the senses and the elements. »

- Leia Layus, Yoga teacher, USA