Tea, Remembering the Essence of Life is a book created by Christina-Jade Brunel and Laura Wencker, offering an exploration of the cycle of nature, through the elemental wisdom of tea. 

This book is an ode of love for Nature, through the way of tea, a practice existing since the dawn of time. It is an occasion to explore tea from both a traditional perceptive, and a creative perspective. The idea of this book was to explore the essence of the 5 elements (Water, Wood/Wind, Fire, Earth, Metal) and adapt it to the practice of tea meditation. We have created a chapter for each element, with meditations that will allow the reader to relate personally with the wisdom of each phase of Nature. This book is addressed to any tea or nature lovers, beginners or none-beginners. It was made to serve anyone interested in either starting, exploring or deepening a relationship with tea and nature. It is designed to be an ally in your daily practices, rituals, meditations. A resource that you can return to, as much as you feel called to. Through the beauty of the images and texts offered in this book, we hope that tea will become a way for you to remember the essence of presence, connection and reverence. 

" Tea, Remembering the Essence of Life " is still on the process of creation and will be completed Summer 2021. You can pre-order your copy today to help supporting the project along the journey. The book will be sent to you in Fall 2020. To learn more about the book and project, visit https://www.teabook.world.